Monday, December 04, 2006

My baby

Liana has been hounding me for weeks and I keep putting her off. It's not a definite "no," just not now. Weary of her questions, last night I finally said, "Ask your dad." I was sure he would understand my concerns. After all, she's my baby, even if she is almost 7.

Liana was just getting out of the tub, her hair in a little bun, her tiny hands with the shiny pink nail polish gripping the towel wrapped around her. She found Dad busy with his trains under the Christmas tree. I wanted to hear the conversation, so I hid behind the wall.

"Daddy, I need to ask you a question."

He doesn't look up. "Go ahead."

"'m scared! I'm afraid of what you might say. Guess what it is."

"I don't know, just tell me."

"You'll say no, I know it!"

"Try me. Don't I give you just about anything you want?" (Except a kitten, I'm thinking.)

Liana is bouncing in her excitement. "Well...I can't say it! Mommy said it wasn't a good decision."

"What is it? You can ask me." Dad is so patient with her.

"Maybe Mommy should ask for me."

"No, you can ask me yourself."

"Well..." Deep breath. "Well...well..." Then her words rush out, "CAN I GET MY EARS PIERCED?"

Dad is calm, examining a train. "Okay."

Liana shrieks with delight and runs to look for me, towel whipping around her. "Daddy said yes!" Her big dimpled smile can melt any heart. Then she races back to Dad. "When, Daddy, when?"


Oh, Fred, you were supposed to agree with me. Those Romans are to blame for this. We've been studying ancient Rome and Liana learned the women wore their earrings looped over their whole ear. Awhile back Fred helped her make a few sets, beads on threads hooked on her ears. She's been wearing them ever since. Silly, but she loves them.

I thought 13 was a good age for ear piercing. Is there a spiritual lesson here?


Anonymous said...

if she gets them done, be sure to have 2 people do it at once, much easier

Anonymous said...

We had the pediatrician do it while my girls got a check up. My girls have had them pierced since a year old. There is always those who will argue to wait and let your girls decide if they want to have it done.... I have never met a girl yet that didnt want it done.

Spiritual lesson:- God knows the desires of our heart even before we ask. I think He enjoys the asking though. We need not approach the throne with timidness even though He may say no. By grace we can approach the King with boldness!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your insight, little brother. How true!

Anonymous said...

GO LIANNA! - Don't tell your Mom, but I would have had them pierced long ago - never had girls, so my boys had to wait until High-School. How about Arielle?