Friday, May 17, 2013

Blessed with Family!

Could life get any better?  I don't think so.  What a glorious long Mother's Day weekend with my dear and precious family.  I am so grateful to God for all you people who bless my life every day.

Friday night was my granddaughter Laci's 5th birthday party.  We all gather at Nick's house for good food and family time.  Cousins!  The bigger kids run off to play and the adults enjoy the babies.  So many babies!  Even Dominic and Stacia are here with baby Caden, meeting his family for the first time.  Joey is running around chasing the dog and we pass Jordan around to love on her.  Deacon can't be caught so after chasing him around for a hug, we give up.

Saturday Dominic and I head to a greenhouse for a gift for Stacia--her first Mother's Day.  I am so glad to have some time with my son on this beautiful spring day.  Later all of us head to Valley Forge for a walk.  So many memories here!  When we first moved to Pennsylvania from the barren plains of Oklahoma, we would come here often, my little boys and I, marveling at the autumn colors.  The pictures in my mind come to me like ghosts.  Walking through the overgrowth of foliage under the train track so we can see the river.  The boys excitedly running in and out of the log cabins.  Our fearful single file hike down a busy road when we lost the trail through the woods.  I recognize one particular tree where we collected leaves one fall. We wore the giant leaves like hats and the boys jumped joyfully in the crunchy pile. Blond little Jonathan with his Care Bear sitting right over there on the rail fence, my sister beside him.  Deanah is gone now; the fence remains.

Today we make new memories. The family wants to explore Washington's house, so I take baby Caden and walk along the creek, whispering to him until he is asleep.  I tell him how much I love him and how one day I will tell him the story of his first visit here. 

The next day is Mother's Day!  Fred has to usher at church, I so get up early and make breakfast for all the dear people sleeping in this house.  Arielle and Liana present me with gifts and homemade cards that I will treasure and keep forever.  We have a surprise visit from Anthony, Kim and Joey, and our kids filling the kitchen with laughter and talk gives me great joy.  We look through an old photo album and pause at a picture of very young me with my newborn Nicholas.  I look in the faces of those gathered around this table and think, who would ever have guessed back then that I would have ALL THIS? 

The next day Jon, Chrissy and Lana come over and we have a celebratory taco dinner.  They have just come from a doctor's appointment and have new ultrasound pictures.  The new baby is a girl!  Grandchild #10!  But the excitement never fades or grows old.  We can't wait to meet this new person who will join this big, crazy family and who will be so loved by all.

You with little ones right now in the midst of sleepless nights and toddler defiance and runny noses--this is your heritage and your reward!  "Gray hair is a crown of glory..."  Proverbs 16:31.

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Julia Marie said...

Awww... Aunt Deborah! This post left me with warm fuzzies! What a beautiful Mother's Day weekend you had indeed! And what a wonderful big blessing... family! I hope to have a houseful myself someday. :) Looking forward to seeing you guys in a week. :)