Saturday, February 15, 2014

Catching Up

Is winter over yet?  We're ecstatic because  the temperature is supposed to rise to 50 next week.  I feel like we can resume normal life again.  Today is not normal.  Fred is off plowing at church.  Arielle is sick and has been on the sofa all day with a fever.  Liana is bored and has been texting all day.  I did accomplish something--I pinned together Nick's quilt that was supposed to be done by his wedding but wasn't because I was sick over the holidays.

So what has happened since?  Well, now I can surely say that God healed me from whatever my affliction was!  Three doctors, no help at all.  But I am fine now.  The Great Physician knew what was wrong, and ultimately he alone brings healing.

We had a wedding!  Nick and Kristina got married on the 17th of January.  No snow that day!  It was a lot of family fun.  

 Dominic and Stacia came to visit and brought my little grandson Caden!

Liana turned 14!  More family time together.   

 We enjoyed our littlest one, Eva, and our wildest one, Deacon.

Then there has been the snow.  And more snow.  Not so fun.  Well maybe a little.

And we're busy with school and social events.  This is a new season of life for Arielle.  She has friends and plans...she is growing up.  It's all good.


Anonymous said...

how beautiful!
Miss you so much, life is so diveregent, so busy, so full, yet I miss the quiet of old friends and a cup of tea!

Deb said...

Miss you too, dear friend! Some of my best memories are of us and our four little girls together.