Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back--2014

My neglected blog.  Life is too hectic for contemplation.  That's not good.  We need to always be looking back to see where we've come from and to decide where we are going from here.  And to remember blessings and grace that God has bestowed on us so we can be grateful.

In looking back on this year, I realized it began and ended with a healing.  God granted me the gift of more time.  I had been sick for a couple of months back in January, a potentially serious health concern.  Then in the fall my asthma became worse and worse and I realized it was time to go back to the specialist.  He is a gift too, a caring doctor.  Now my lungs are clear, my allergies gone.  For now.  More time.  

We had losses.  Two little ones who never had a chance to take a breath.  An old friend busy with work and grandkids, much loved by her family, suddenly got sick and passed away.  We grieve and remember to be grateful for each day.

I think about this year and realize it was a time of transitions.  My girls growing up and me needing to let go.  We had our close family times--school work in the winter beside the fire, summer with AGT and ice cream, board game nights and movie nights.  Just the four of us.  Those times will always be precious to me because the time is coming when the four of us won't be together.  My daughters' horizons have expanded.  They want to be out with friends having new experiences.  Arielle is driving all over the place.  The girls don't need mom clinging to them all the time.  We shopped for ball gowns and talked late into the night about boys and friends and school and growing up.  I drove them to dances and skating rinks and parks and parties.  Yes, I still miss my baby girls, but I wouldn't want to pass through this stage too quickly.  My girls are delightful and we have so much fun. 

This year brought new friends.  Liana has a best friend Carina who is a delightful girl.  She is smart and independent and godly and sweet.  I am so glad to have her influence on my daughter's life.  Arielle has Steven who has opened up her world to new places and events and even food--raw oysters and lobster!  I am pleased with this considerate boy always thinking of her and what he might do to make her happy.  His birthday surprise for her was over the top.  I have a new friend too and I don't believe I have ever laughed so much in all my life.  We just seem to find life silly and fun.  The kids get a kick out of us two bumbling old ladies too.  They keep score on who is the most awkward.  Friends are a gift.  I have had many good ones through the years, different ones for different seasons of my life.  I am thankful for each and every one.

I am grateful for my husband.  I think of our difficult winter with all that snow and Fred always out working.  Such hard work, he is always on the go, never neglecting us, always providing for us.  I am grateful for my boys and all my grandchildren.  So many!  How blessed we are!  Then the Thanksgiving surprise--we will have THREE new babies in 2015!  Oh, my!  Just a couple of days ago I had lunch with my two oldest grandchildren, back from Minnesota.  What great kids!  Nearly grown now.  All the memories with those two.  

We had two weddings this year.  We visited our favorite places--Lancaster and Gettysburg and Ocean City.  We spent time with extended family in North Carolina and Georgia.  We started new traditions in Cape May.  

God provided for us.  Fred opened up a new practice, still keeping his full-time job and still doing side electrical jobs.  That man works so hard.  A door opened for me to teach even more classes at another co-op.  God has given us much. 

Here are some pictures from our last couple of months.  Arielle's birthday.  The tree farm.  Christmas.

So what will the new year bring?  Maybe losses.  Surely good surprises and new experiences.  Hopefully the gift of more time for all of us.  May you have many joys and lots of laughter
in the new year.

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