Thursday, August 17, 2006

Seek his protection

We stood watching the tow truck trying to pull the trash truck up the hill. "What ifs" began to fill our minds. My neighbor said her elderly father usually walked up and down the street at that hour. Yes, we all agreed, we see him often. But he hadn't taken his walk this day. A teenager usually had her car parked right in the spot the pole fell. Not today. The truck could easily have crashed into one of our houses built on the slope. It was aimed toward a house with a stay-at-home mom with two preschoolers. There was the immediate danger of the downed power lines, too, before the electric was turned off. But no one had been outdoors.

An idyllic day could have turned to disaster. Sometimes it does. Accidents, hurricanes, terrorists, tragedies, are with us. Life is precious and fragile. We always live with this undercurrent of uncertainty about life. Some are able to tune it out while it consumes others.

What do we do with the fear and anxiety that life as we know it will someday end? Some block it out, don't even think about it. Some live in a hyper-vigilant mode, seeing danger at every turn. (Guilty.) Some can accept whatever happens knowing nothing comes from God uncensored. He has already filtered it and allowed it.

"My soul clings to you..." (Psalm 63:8) We pray for God's protection and we trust him with our lives. "...Your right hand upholds me," even on the day we pass from earthly life to life eternal, whenever that might be.

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