Friday, March 12, 2010

Best vacation EVER

Arielle came up with the title for this post. We traveled to Lancaster to see another show at the Sight and Sound Theatre--Joseph this time. I highly recommend it! The best scene was when Joseph was reunited with his brothers. What a lesson in forgiveness we can learn from this.

After the show the girls swam in the hotel pool and we shopped at the outlet malls and then had a nice dinner. The next morning we saw the reproduction of the Tabernacle at the Mennonite Information Center. This was our third time to hear the presentation and we still learned a lot.

All this was fun for the girls, but none of these activities made it the "Best Vacation Ever." But on our way home we stopped at a huge pet store and they finally got their guinea pigs! This store had the youngest and most well-cared for guinea pigs that we have seen. The girls immediately saw the ones they wanted. They were both SO EXCITED!

Guinea pigs require time to adjust to a new environment, so they need to stay in their cage undisturbed for a couple of days, even though the girls can hardly stand to just let them be. Right now Arielle and Liana are sitting quietly in a half-darkened room hoping their little pets will come out of hiding. They really are very cute creatures. And gentle. Neither of the guinea pigs made any attempt to bite when they were handled. Arielle wanted me to tell the names. Hers is Sunshine, aka Sunny, and Liana's is Poppy.

Knowing this was a momentous occasion, I took the first picture before we even left the store. I know all you readers are anxiously awaiting more photos!


Arielle said...

I ♥ Sunny!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited!!!! =D

Anonymous said...

cannot wait to hear more about the little ones

Stacia said...

Sunny and Poppy are such cute names! Yes, post more pics!

Dominic said...

Hurray!!! Can't wait to see pictures! Maybe Sunny and Poppy can play with Twinkie the Guinea Pig! :)

Anonymous said...

Sunny and Poppy first need to set up their e-mail account so they can write to Twinkie.