Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ordinary days

What a glorious weekend! Spring came a few days early with temperatures in the 70's. I don't remember my son Nick ever having a birthday when it was warm outside, so this was a first for him. Friday night we met a local park in the evening and had a fun time eating pizza and playing with his two babies. We attempted a walk on the trails but too many little ones made that impossible. We all went home when the sun melted into the horizon.

I had forewarned the girls that on Saturday we would be cleaning the house--long overdue. They finally had a break from 4-H, our usual Saturday excursion, so clean we did! Then we headed outside to help Fred pick up sticks in the yard from the hurricane-like storm we had last weekend. He also needed help in the shed doing some cutting on his table saw. Deja vu! The last time he was in the wood shed, he slipped and broke his leg! I was very much aware of how a serene afternoon can turn ugly.

Then it was time to clean the guinea pig cage! The girls had been looking forward to this. Since it was warm, we planned to let the little critters graze in the fresh green grass while we sprayed down the bottom of the cage. Of course, we put the wire top over the guinea pigs while they were out in the yard since we always have hawks flying overhead who would just love a rodent dinner. The girls enjoyed watching their pets' excitement over the new scents and tastes outdoors. Anyone who thinks animals can't experience joy hasn't seen these little animals.

Sunday was Anthony's birthday. He came over with his wife and their new baby--a boxer. Everyone relaxed in the warm spring air by playing several games of bocce ball. As they came up on the deck for dinner, I took this picture. What an ordinary family doing such ordinary things. We sat outside drinking coffee until the light left the sky.

Spring is not really here, no matter what the calendar says. Today it is chilly and rainy and dreary. Normal for this time of year in the Northeast. We got a taste of spring though. A hint, a glimpse of what will soon be coming. The gift of ordinary days. Days of joy and hope.

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