Friday, July 26, 2013

Big Surprise!

Dominic and Stacia had planned to visit last weekend but they canceled due to work obligations.  We were disappointed.  I was longing to hold my little grandson again.

On Saturday the girls and I went to 4-H as we always do.  Fred called once to see when we'd be home but we were in no hurry.  We came back in the afternoon with no plans for the rest of the day.  I dropped off bags and stuff on my dining room table and suddenly from around the half wall in my living room, I saw baby Caden suspended in the air!  Dominic and Stacia were hiding behind the wall, holding the baby out for me to see.  What a wonderful surprise!  I grabbed Caden and held him tight--totally forgetting my eye surgery and the rules about lifting.  What a joyous reunion that afternoon! 

Now what do you think my next thought was after seeing my family here?  The house!  Nothing prepared, nothing cleaned up, no meals planned!  Shock and horror!  But, after all, this is family and they know me, that I barely keep up with daily chores.  So we did what we could to make their stay pleasant.

That afternoon we had another sweet reunion.  We knew Kelsey and Seth had traveled here from Minnesota for a funeral but we didn't know if or when we would see them.  They would only be in town a short time.  But Damien arranged for them to come to his house and we were invited to be there too.  My oldest grandchildren are 18 and 16 years old!  It's hard to believe.  So here we were all crowded into Damien's house--my grown boys, my daughters-in-law, big grandchildren and the baby cousins together with my two daughters in between.  We are so blessed. 

Soon Kelsey and Seth had to leave, and Fred and I left too.  Arielle and Liana stayed behind to have dinner with Damien and Dominic's families.  This is how it should be.  As Fred and I grow older and the girls grow up, they will become closer to their older siblings.  Those relationships will become more and more important.  I know they will always be loved and cared for and that gives me great peace.

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