Friday, July 05, 2013

Back in the Saddle

We haven't ridden our bikes in a very long time.  I don't know why because we greatly enjoy biking on the trails near our house.  So on the 4th of July Fred suggested we go.  There were several reasons not to go--I'm worried about Fred's injured hand and his new thyroid med dosage that increases his risk for heart arrhythmia.  Also, it's very hot and humid this day and I don't tolerate the heat too well.  And even the girls aren't very enthusiastic about going.  But we go anyway!

It is bright and hot and sunny and beautiful.  In no time we are flying down the paved paths along the rivers.  It's been so rainy the past few weeks, and everything is green and lush.  Birds of all kinds call out through the trees.  Arielle and I take the lead and I so much like riding with her. 

Good thing we went early in the morning.  By noon the heat is stifling.  We come home tired, toasted, and relaxed.  What a fun family time!  But Liana had a bit of a struggle riding.  Her bike is much too small.  We decide we want to make biking more a regular part of life, so we head to Walmart to look for a new bike for her.  She finds a beauty!  It is like mine--sturdy and secure.  She tries it out in the driveway--about the most difficult place to ride with the slope and the stone wall and the cars.  Hopefully soon she can take it out on  the trail. 

Fred has to work early the next day, so we pass on our community fireworks.  I find out Arielle is very disappointed.  I didn't know she enjoys them so much.  After it got dark she calls us into her room and we discover we can see fireworks from faraway out her window.  So we sit and watch.  These are not our local fireworks but from the direction, I think they are a neighboring township about 7 miles away.  Liana takes dozens of pictures.  Pretty good considering the distance!  She's become quite a photographer.

Arielle tells me to look out her other window that faces the woods behind our house. To my delight I see thousands of lights flickering off and on from the ground all the way up to high in the trees.  Fireflies!  I can't believe it!  I've never seen so many and they are so bright, glowing with their own silent rhythm.  God's fireworks!  And they go on and on after the finale of the local show.  Arielle says she watches them every night before she goes to sleep. 

A beautiful 4th of July.  Wonderful family time once again. 

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