Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fashion Revue

 The girls finally finished their dresses just in time for the competition. We're all happy.  It's been a long six months and a long week doing all the last minute details.  Frustration...aggravation...Arielle decided she will never sew again.  She says that every year. 

Today was the big day.  The girls put on their fabulous dresses and waited for the judging.  I was a "timer" making sure each participant was in front of the judges exactly 3 minutes.  In that time the judges ask questions about the outfit and the girls tell about their sewing experience making it.  Once that was over the girls enjoyed workshops doing crafts.  Families arrived (our family was well represented) and the show began!  All the senior girls (over 13) modeled their outfits and then all the junior girls and then the first year girls, which included my granddaughter Mattie.  The little girls only made tote bags and pillowcases, but they had their moment of glory on the stage.

The winners were announced!  Arielle qualifies to compete at the state level again!  And Liana and Julia won in the junior division! 


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the beautiful work! The dresses are lovely, but the smiles are the BEST!


Deb said...

Thanks, dear friend!