Monday, June 10, 2013

Play-date with Jordan

Jordan came to play!  Her mom started a new job and needed us to watch Jordan for the afternoon.  We had such a good time with her.  I was so glad to have time to get to know my newest granddaughter a little better now that she isn't such a little baby.  As my mother always says about babies like her, "She has personality plus!"  What a character she is!

Jordan is 8 months old now and she likes moving around and she likes toys.  So Liana used those two interests to get her to work her way across the room to get to her toy.  She has this new stuffed dog that plays music and talks.  Stuffed toys are different than they used to be.  (But then Arielle had those silly Teletubbies...)  Jordan really wanted that dog and she went for it.  She also sat through a whole picture book as I read it to her.  She's my kind of girl!

My friend Connie stopped over with her granddaughter Skylar.  So Jordan had a real play-date with another little person.  Connie and I laughed so much watching the two of them.  When Jordan was leaving, Skylar gave her a little wave and Jordan actually put up her hand to wave too.  Too cute! 

In the midst of the noise and confusion Jordan fell asleep in my arms.  What could be better than that, to hold a precious sleeping child?  I love this little girl so much and anticipate many fun times with her.

I guess I am at THAT stage in life--my friends are also grandmas and we are delighting together in our grandchildren.  It's a wonderful time!

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Julia Marie said...

Oh, my word, too funny! Eliana, the eight-month-old that I watch, has the exact same dog and loves it too! Haha! Must be a popular favorite! :)