Monday, August 31, 2009

Bike hike

Beautiful weather brought us out to the bike trails again! We're adventurers so we decided to go a new route along a different river. Arielle and I led the way with Fred following (slowly) behind Liana. I wish I hadn't forgotten my camera. The rains over the weekend made the river rise and it rushes by the wildflowers along the banks. Arielle and I get so far ahead we can't see Fred and Liana and we have to stop and wait for them. After a long wait at one point we find out they both had fallen! I'm glad I didn't see it. Liana is still a little shakey on her bike and it makes me nervous.

On this trip we had to ride a short distance on a real road--not good. There are real cars on this road. Then we traveled along a narrow path with several rude groups of "real" cyclists. These are the ones with racing bikes wearing silky biking outfits and fancy helmets who zip by so closely you are practically shoved aside or who approach you with three or four riders abreast on the path. So again, you are shoved aside.

So our little family is just cycling along at a slow speed trying to enjoy the scenery, and then the scenery becomes scary! On our left is a tall slice of mountain and on our right, where we are traveling, is a steep drop-off down a rocky cliff with the river flowing many feet below. Arielle and I ride along, with me warning her to stay away from the slope, which is difficult to do with the cyclists mentioned above on the trail with us.

My two girls are the Squabble Queens. You would think they can't stand to be near each other at times, always fussing and fuming. Liana is famous for her tears of anguish and Arielle is noted for the mean faces she gives Liana. Arielle is, in general, usually annoyed with her little sister, and Liana is tormented by the injustice dealt her having a bossy older sister. But today during our biking trip, I notice Arielle's concern for Liana. Time and again she looks backwards to see if she can see Liana coming. If she can, Arielle says, "Mom, she is too close to the edge." I assure her Daddy is watching Liana. Again she says, "Liana's bike is wobbling back and forth. This isn't safe for her." I am thinking the same thing. Surely Fred will realize this is true. Arielle and I pull over and wait.

Fred and Liana approach us and I express my concerns. Fred would usually say I worry too much, but this time he agrees. This is not the bike path for an inexperienced rider. If Liana slipped, she and her bike would be falling headlong into the river. To my great relief, we go back the way we came, this time the mountain at our side.

I am proud of Arielle and her mothering instincts. She loves her sister after all.

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