Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little Nurses

Something should be written about this momentous day. Although, for many people it would be just a routine, boring nothing. For me, it was years of procrastinating due to fear of the unknown. But I finally did it!

You know, it's the routine screening that is supposed to be done at age 50. I'm always skeptical with anything the medical profession tells us is "necessary." (Example: flu shots.) But it seemed advice was coming at me from all sides. Two friends of mine had the procedure and gave me details. My family doctor was the clincher though. She said every year in her practice three or four people are found to have pre-cancerous lesions that are removed with this procedure. She said it saved their lives. Okay, it's time to do it.

No food yesterday! No lovely hot, creamy coffee in the morning. That was the hardest part, really. By the end of the day I felt weak and had no energy. And then I had the "prep," which turned out to be not so bad. It was really nothing like I expected.

Now this morning: We woke at 5:30 a.m. because mine was the first appointment. Someone suggested making that early appointment to avoid waiting. Still no eating. I was really spent and just wanted to go and get it over with. We left way too early for the drive, but traffic around here can be horrendous and I sure didn't want to arrive too late and not get this done.

A good friend of mine offered to keep the girls, but Fred promised them breakfast in a restaurant so they were excited to go, early as it was. After we arrived, I told them to leave. No sense suffering with mind-boggling boredom sitting and waiting if you don't have to. I forgot my book! So it was very boring. And I did have to wait because I was there much too early! As the time inched by I got more and more nervous. Finally they called my name. I was led back to a curtained off cubicle to wait for the anesthesiologist and the doctor to come in. Panic! What am I doing here? Was I out of my mind? Is this really necessary? Those were my thoughts. I was ready to jump up and run. A nurse asked me a couple of times if I was okay.

Soon I was wheeled in the gurney to the treatment room. A few bits of conversation with the nurse and doctor and then the next thing I knew I woke up in a different room. It was over.

Fred and the girls were waiting. It was wonderful to see them and receive their hugs. I was still groggy and disoriented, but little Liana took my hand and helped me out to the car. I was so thirsty! My good husband stopped at Barnes and Noble and got me a chai tea latte. Perfect. It was so hot and comforting.

As soon as we were home, the girls rushed around making me a nest on the couch. They brought me pillows and blankets and told me to get in my pajamas. Liana helped to heat up some soup and brought my book to me. Arielle washed and sliced my favorite kind of apple so I could enjoy it when I wanted it. My nurturing little daughters, taking good care of me. I am so blessed to have them. They told me they won't let me do any work today.

Yesterday I made homemade chicken soup for Liana since she has a cold. It's going to taste great tonight after my fast. Anyone agonizing over whether to do this procedure or not? Do it for the people who love you. It's not so bad. Call me, I'll give you the details.

If this post has errors or doesn't make sense, sorry. It's the drug I got today. I was told not to do anything that requires good judgment. Does that include blogging?

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