Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 4, Monday

This has been a hectic day. I had a million details going on in my head and I'm not sleeping. Organizing VBS is overwhelming, but tonight was the big night.

The girls slept together and woke together. They filed out to where I was sitting at the computer and all three got their morning hugs. I had work to do so they kind of just hung out together. Not much fun, but that's life. Our normal life is not going places all the time. They rode bikes a little and Liana tried to get Diana to play Polly Pockets or do crafts, but she is not interested. I really think she does not know how to play with toys. Fred took them all food shopping and he came home exhausted. Then they all left for the park and I stayed home to try to get my act together for tonight. When they left in the car Diana gave me a huge hug. She squeezed the breath out of me. I think she is really an affectionate girl but just needed to warm up to us.

Fred came home and said one of the other Russian boys took away Diana's disposable camera and she tackled him. The girls wanted to swim again and put on their suits. Diana decided she wanted to ride bikes instead. I said no, we were leaving at 3:00 to go to camp. I typed this in the translation website. She was angry and went in her room and pouted and took off her swimsuit and didn't swim with the girls. She had an attitude the rest of the afternoon and gave us trouble at church by running outside and wandering the grounds while we were trying to cook. Arielle, the voice of authority, kept track of her, following her around saying, "Nyet! Nyet!" Diana did not want to eat dinner with us but instead ate with the boy from her orphanage who was eating with his family.

The kids received t-shirts designed by my friend Bonnie with the verse, "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." There is a big lighthouse on the front and Russian and American flags. They are really nice. During our craft time the kids stepped into a plate of fabric paint and put their footprints on the back of the shirt. They had a great time doing this. After they stepped in paint, of course they had to get their feet washed and my job was to dry their feet with a big towel. All these feet, big ones and little ones, brown Chinese feet, and pale Russian feet. So many children, many adopted, and then here are the ones so in need of a family. After we finished the t-shirts, I realized I had not seen Diana. I don't even know what happened to her t-shirt. She went home without it.

By the time we got home, she was back to the sweet little girl we had a bedtime last night. She played cards with Arielle, wanted to sleep with Arielle again, and wanted to hold hands and pray together and get hugs and kisses again. She called Fred, "Papa."

I don't think we have the energy for this girl. If we were younger. She is deep down a good girl, I believe, but needs a lot of guidance and a firm hand.

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