Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 8, Friday

This was a difficult day that ended peacefully. Fred had to go to the hospital for injections in his neck, so we had to be available and nearby to pick him up. He is not allowed to drive home because of the anesthetic. Diana clearly was not happy about killing time in the mall. Nothing was open and I'm sure she wondered why we were there.

Finally the stores opened and we wandered around the toy store. I planned to buy her a little something. She was not as interested in toys as I would have thought. She picked up a few things, boy toys. The girl things did not interest her. Then she found what she wanted--a Pirates of the Caribbean figure holding a sword. When you pushed a button it said something about killing someone. No, Diana. She either found some kind of weapon toy or something huge that would never fit in her suitcase to take back. She started to cry because nothing she chose was suitable. Roller skates--I had to reject that too. Then she saw the remote control cars. Her eyes lit up. That was exactly what she wanted. (Only $14.99 too!) When we were at one of the other host family's home she had played with one. I reminded her of that but all she understood was "Sergei." She clutched the toy to her chest and said, "Nyet!" She would not give this to Sergei. I assured her it was hers. After the toy store she rode the carousel in the mall and was delighted and happy.

I had hoped for a quiet afternoon. I needed to cook and clean a little before my brother came tonight. Diana didn't quite know what to do with down time. She rode my bike, but said over and over that she wanted the roller skates. She swam in the little pool a short time. She watched TV awhile. She was bored. It must be so hard not being able to communicate with anyone. Then her friend Nadia called and she enjoyed the conversation very much. I wish I knew what she was saying to her.

My brother came at dinner time. Diana refused to sit at the dinner table with us. She wanted a "saus-eej" for dinner, but then wouldn't eat it. Marissa also came over and Diana really acted out. Out of frustration because we all seemed to be having a good time and she couldn't join in? Because she was jealous I wasn't just interacting with her? I don't know. I surely did enjoy having my brother here. He always brings much laughter and love and joy to our home.

Then came magical bedtime. Diana took her shower and transformed into this quiet, gentle little girl. She discovered the magic doodle Grandma gave her for the trip home and wanted me to pose so she could draw me. I asked her to draw me a picture on paper I could keep. She sat peacefully at the table and drew me, Fred, Uncle Rene, Marissa, Liana--when Liana squealed when she saw it, Diana wadded it up. Then she drew Arielle. She wrote "Papa" on Fred's picture, "Uncle" on Rene's, and some Russian letters for something that sounds like "Cho-cho" for Marissa. Not sure what that means. So I have many drawings to keep. I will treasure them.

The whole family, Marissa and Rene included, joined the bedtime prayer circle. Diana so much loves this time. She likes for us to pray in the dark, but she wants the lights on for hugs and kisses. Many, many hugs. It's hard to tear away, even more so now as the time for her to return to Russia draws near.

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