Monday, July 18, 2011

Chicago--the Reception

After the wedding ceremony the photographer was busy taking many pictures on the beautiful grounds. We joined him in taking our own. Then we all went inside for a lovely lunch. I had the privilege of sitting beside Stacia's grandparents. Once again, I wish we lived closer so I could get to know Stacia's wonderful family.

We were entertained with Irish dancers! I've never seen that at a wedding reception. What a treat! The little girls invited others to come on the stage and learn a traditional Irish wedding dance.

A wedding usually focuses on the bride. It is her big day, and rightly so. But Dominic and Stacia turned their wedding into a celebration of friends and family. They stood before us and gave tribute to family members and friends who have been an important part of their lives. They said they would not be the people they are if not for many of us. They took the glory away from themselves and gave the honor to us. It was very humbling and also very beautiful. I have never been to a wedding like this.

After the luncheon we climbed back into the van and rode to Stacia's family home for yet another meal. Her parents were so gracious to add yet another celebration time for us all. I am still in awe of their hospitality and generosity towards us. Too quickly the evening ended. We had an early flight the next morning. There were sad good-byes and thank yous that didn't seem adequate for all we had been given.

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