Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sewing Season

From the time my future daughter-in-law invited Arielle and Liana to be junior bridesmaids in the wedding, I have been sewing. Months and months. There were cotton versions to make for practice and for fit. We shopped for fabric and notions. Two dresses, fully lined. I have been only sewing quilts in recent years and garment construction was an almost forgotten art. But with the encouragement of the 4-H teachers, I took on this project. Finally, finally, the dresses are finished. Here are the girls modeling my creations, along with Lana the flower girl. Lana's purchased dress only needs hemming. I see Arielle's skirt is turned up. Nothing a good pressing won't fix.

I had so much fun sewing my girls' dresses, I decided to make my own dress too. Until yesterday afternoon I was plugging away on it with a nagging suspicion something wasn't quite right. Liana adored it and thought it was beautiful. My sewing skills weren't the problem, so what was it? Wrong pattern for me? Fit not right? Arielle finally gave her honest opinion after I finished it. "It just doesn't work for you."

At this late date? After months of planning and sewing? How discouraging! And what to do now? The reason I have been doing all this sewing was to save money on formal wear. I sat outside with Fred while he barbequed trying to figure out a solution to fix it or embellish it or accessorize it or something... Sweet little Liana kept telling me she loved it and it would be fine. Then I remembered an old dress I have. Packed away in storage. Would it work? I found it. Fred and the girls all agreed, this would be perfect. It needs hemming as this dress comes down to my ankles. Sewing season continues!

Liana made me promise I will wear my dress at Christmas. It is green. Maybe that's it. The color was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Debbie, the dresses are beautiful, and so are the girls. When did they get so grown up?
I couldn't find a dress I liked for David's wedding, either. Nothing looked right. I ended up wearing the same basic black dress that I wore to Adrian's wedding (Tina chose it) the year before, but with a different jacket. David noticed, but I don't think anyone else did. David and Lauren will celebrate their 5th anniversary July 14th.
Have a safe trip and a wonderful time at the wedding! Please give everyone my best wishes.

Deb said...

Good to hear from you, June! We had a great trip to Chicago. I'll write about it later. You and I learned to sew together, didn't we? I have been thinking of a post about that--our summer days spent shopping and sewing.