Friday, January 01, 2010

The Best New Year's Eve Ever

We woke to snow again! I can't remember it ever snowing here three times in the month of December. Even though it was supposed to warm up later, we all trekked outside to shovel the couple of inches on the deck and driveway. It was hovering at the freezing mark, perfect for packing snow. So we had a brief snowball fight and then the girls wanted to roll balls across the grass and make a snowman. We worked for quite awhile and made Frostina, Frosty's wife. The girls then wanted to make a whole snow family, so we stayed outside another hour or so and made two more snow people, plus a snow dog. It was so pleasant to play outdoors because no one was cold even though were were on our hands and knees digging and sculpting.

I guess it wouldn't take much to make this the Best New Year's Eve Ever. I have had a lot of unpleasant ones. When I was a child, New Year's Eve meant the day before one of the worst days of the year--New Year's Day. My dad was most irritable and demanding on that day and there was no escaping him. Then, of course, January 2nd came and that meant back to school with nothing to look forward to for a long, long time. Later on, I spent many lonely nights babysitting on New Year's Eve watching other people on TV having fun. In high school there were parties when people hooked up and kissed at the strike of midnight, but that never seemed to happen to me.

But this day is enjoyable with Fred and the girls. A couple of years ago we started our own family traditions for New Year's Eve, but this year was especially fun because the girls are older. Fred came home after our snow adventure and we began a board game marathon. We played Monopoly, 10 Days in Europe, 10 Days in Asia, Scotland Yard, and Apples to Apples. The girls are formidable opponents now! Then it was time for our seafood fest. We rarely have seafood because it is expensive, but we splurge on New Year's Eve. Fred hauled up the clam steamer from the basement where it stays the whole year until this special night. We boiled up shrimp and baked some scallops and also steamed a couple of crab legs. Everyone dug into his or her favorite.

I had a special surprise for the girls for the rest of the evening. Months ago I ordered Celtic Thunder's second DVD and we cuddled up on the couch next to the twinkling of the tree lights and watched the concert of our favorite group. Each of us was ready to drop off to sleep but we turned on New Year's Rockin' Eve about 11:45 to see the ball drop. Instead, we were thoroughly disgusted with Jennifer Lopez's quasi-nude performance. Enough of that.

What a glorious, blessed year it has been. HAPPY NEW YEAR, FAMILY AND FRIENDS!


Anonymous said...

Aww so nice to hear the details of your guys great New year! Sounds like a lot of fun! And I watched a little of the new years show too, and it was so horrible to see what is considered entertainment nowadays! Glad you guys all enjoyed each other's company.

Anonymous said...
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