Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New Summer Recipe

My step-daughter gave me a great recipe for using our bountiful garden produce. Don't say, "I don't like eggplant." This is so good!

Baked Eggplant and Tomato

tomatoes--local, fresh, ripe
olive oil
salt and pepper
freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Peel and slice eggplant and sprinkle with salt. Let sit awhile on paper towels, then rinse and pat dry. Slice tomatoes. Heat a little oil in skillet and fry tomatoes 30 seconds each side. Put on plate and season with salt and pepper.

Wipe out pan and heat a little more oil. Fry eggplant until brown on each side. Put a little oil in a baking dish. Arrange the eggplant with the tomato on top. Sprinkle the cheese between layers. Top with bread crumbs or cornflake crumbs and drizzle with a little more oil. Bake about 30 minutes.

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