Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A gift to show love

Buy a gift for Fred that says I'm thinking of him? That one stumped me initially. Fred is not one for "stuff." I couldn't just walk around the mall and pick something up. Then I remembered he said something earlier about the new Walmart commercial advertising steaks. So I thought I would make a special trip out to get some. He would be surprised because I hate to shop at Walmart. Well, I never could find those steaks so I had to look for something else.

I thought of bakery goods but he is cutting back on fat in his diet. Then I found angel food cake! He loves that. I bought some of his favorite cereal and some coffee ice cream. I found some eucalyptus bath salts he likes and best of all, a big chunk of corned beef! I think he will know I am thinking of him.

He said tonight, "When's your next class? I said tomorrow. Jokingly he added, "You keep going to that class! I like this new wife!"

What did you buy your husband to fulfill Dare 3?


Anonymous said...

I bought my husband some snacks for work --- Cajun Snack Mix, Sugar Babies, Cracker Jacks, a Caramel Sticky Bun and some sliced corned beef. (I bought the corned beef before reading your posting.) These are all food items that I do not eat. And yes ... my husband likes Angel Food Cake too. That is always a treat for him as I do not eat that either.


Deb said...

We're thinking alike! Fred will go out of his way to stop at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's to get some special gluten-free treats for me. But I don't often make the same effort for him. This will be a good dare to continue.