Saturday, May 16, 2009

Resources for Fireproof study

I added more detail to the first dare since some people want to follow along. So check it out. I also want to show you where you can get the Love Dare journal for yourself. You can also see a short clip of the movie and order it too. I have single friends and I want to let you know this journey is for you too. Use the Love Dares on your children or maybe someone in your family who is difficult to love. The principles will work for anyone. In our class at church we call this your "focus person." It doesn't have to be a husband.

Also, ladies! Please write your focus person's name on a card and write 5 characteristics you admire in that person. Keep the card where you can see it several times a day.

I checked off Day 1 in my journal! I went through a whole day without saying anything negative to my husband. It was hard. Last night we went to a wedding in an unfamiliar part of town. Fred has a new GPS and he wasn't used to it and he was distracted. His erratic driving (in my view) is a source of contention in our marriage. After several close calls on the road, Arielle spoke up from the back, "That makes four, Daddy!" She needs to have more respect for her father. But where does her attitude come from? Me, of course.

Instead of criticizing in a negative way as I usually would, I chose to express concern and understanding. CHOSE. That's important. We choose to respond in a certain way. Because I was thinking instead of overreacting, I realized how Fred drives all day long, back and forth to school and then all over town showing property to clients. His mind is weary. I did chant a silent mantra to myself, "I will say nothing negative...I will say nothing negative." We both joked a little about it and that lightened the mood. But I need to be cautious not to let joking carry over into sarcasm.

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